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Unquestionably, there have always been frauds, scams and scamsters. Even so, the world wide web allows them to spread across the globe at an alarming rate, with a large number of new ones arriving on the web each day. And with the staggering number of complete scams that use technical sounding jargon, pseudoscience, and fake celebrity endorsements to shill their products, it’s now more challenging than ever to tell the difference between fact and fiction; between which products perform as advertised, and which ones are just plain junk.

We at SportsResource aspire to make it possible for you with informative editorial reviews along with aggregate ratings available through public domain information into one review page about the product. Quite simply, we try to offer you a condensed version of all the data you need to learn to accurately make a purchase decision and help you cut through all the advertising buzz and answering the ever-present question: Is this product a scam, or is it legit?

A Place for Consumer Reviews

SportsResource offers an impartial ambiance where we desire you can have confidence in what you read, because we only strive to post actual genuine reviews from real customers just like you. As opposed to various companies who will post fake customer reviews on their websites, we work hard to weed out fake reviews, which means that you can rest assured you’re receiving only valuable—not misleading—information.

Bottom Line

We’re turning out to be bigger, always evolving and learning. It is in our best interest to attempt to provide the most accurate and relevant information on products that consumers are searching for. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy (No one can), but we strive to try to weed out non-genuine reviews.

Having said that, we reserve the full right not to publish any consumer reviews or comments coming in on SportsResource should they not comply with our guidelines, provide little to no value and appear non-genuine.