Ashwagandha user reviews as a Testosterone booster

Ashwagandha, commonly known as winter cherry, Indian ginseng, or Withania somnifera, is an evergreen shrub of the nightshade family. Treatments derived from this plant’s roots and berries have long been used in traditional Ayurvedic, Indian, and African medicinal practices. Although it has various potential health advantages, one of the most sought-after is its potential capacity to increase testosterone. Other possible health benefits include enhancing overall wellbeing, decreasing inflammatory markers, and developing muscle strength and growth. Ashwagandha may assist in increasing T levels directly, but it may also do so through lowering cortisol levels in the body. Because the FDA does not regulate ashwagandha, it is critical to get a supplement from a reliable company.

Ashwagandha is still a widely debated ingredient in Testosterone supplements, with more anecdotal evidence, rather than clinical. In this article, we list some of the random, anonymous user reviews on using Ashwagandha for Testosterone, sexual benefits & bodybuilding!

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Ashwagandha benefits summary

Ashwagandha benefits, according to clinical studies. (Source:

Ashwagandha user reviews

I’ve been taking it 2 weeks now. Sleep quality and sex drive are through the roof for me. My muscles feel like they’re getting proper rest; I lift 6 days a week.

I have become very intouch with my body the past year and I definitely noticed a difference taking gandha. Somewhat of the same “high”. I felt a significant decrease in stress. All of the urgency of the things going on my life was still there but I just did not panic about anything. Still taking it, feel great. Lowers cortisol in high stress individuals, so it raises test back to normal levels if cortisol is suppressing T.

About muscle gain and increased fat loss? I haven’t noticed anything worth noting and I’ve taken ashwagadha pretty much daily for years for anxiety (which works pretty well imo).

Just an n=1, but I’ve seen my strength go up pretty quickly on a weekly basis whenever taking Ashwagandha… however, I can’t confirm if it’s because of Ashwagandha, as I’ve often taken Alpha-GPC alongside it for workout purposes, and Alpha-GPC supposedly causes acute spikes in growth hormone… So it’s one or the other (or both, who knows), that have definitely give me noticeable strength gains when taken for a month!

I take ashwagandha twice a day. First in the morning at wake, second before bed.

You also need to hit a bigger dosage for certain benefits like testosterone to be seen.

Anxiety wise, I think it helps, but other than that it’s alright for me.

It helps the body respond to stress better, reducing cortisol levels which may help increase test back to normal levels or slightly higher. Mostly what I noticed from taking it on and off for years is the mood, energy and anti anxiety effects from it. When taking an herb always make sure to check what it is standardized too. That way you actually know what dose of the active ingredient you’re taking. Also ashwaghanda pairs really well with rhodiola.

Just because this Ashwagandha study found slightly more of an increase of muscle mass and strength in those who took the herb, I do not think it necessarily means this is a smoking gun for its effectiveness. There could also be other mechanisms at work here besides the increase in Test.

There are limitations to this study, while it is suggestive, I don’t think it means you should go and spend $20 a month on a supplement that MAY give you a small edge in training. But to each their own.

There are plenty of well studied supplements out their if you want to increase performance, like creatine, beta alanine, citrulline malate, caffeine, etc etc. But by and large, trying to increase Test with herbal supplements is not a worthy distraction. I am not dismissing the results of the study, just the their broader application at this time. I would like to see further studies like this though.

Otc test boosters are just a bunch of scams, there are some natural supplements and dietary changes you can do to help free testosterone but still if you are hypogonadal it wont do jack shit for that and at 17 it is possible to be hypogonadal but unlikely. I tried everything it feels like lol nothing fixed my testosterone levels naturally. No natural supplement will appreciably raise testosterone. In fact, it’s not entirely clear that increases in testosterone within the physiological range yield greater muscle protein synthesis.But please by all means, continue to learn about physiology!

I’ve taken Ashwagandha for 4 months and I can honestly say that I’ve had unbelievable results from it. Definitely stronger, leaner and have gained size in this time. I also sleep much better and have way less stress. Great stuff!!

There are some Reddit user reviews on Ashwagandha based T boosters like Test Boost Max, TestoPrime etc. Some users have shared their success or failures with these kinds of products!

The results on muscle mass increases are interesting and the study was well designed. My skepticism stems from the connection between the testosterone increases and subsequent muscle gain. I believe the ashwagandha positively affects muscle building, but through a different mechanism than sheer testosterone improvement.

Put simply, I don’t believe that much of an improvement in muscle gain can be attributed to a small bump in testosterone production. For example, those undergoing TRT see improvements in well-being because they are going from deficient to high-normal levels. And bodybuilders require very high doses (superphysiological) to see significant muscle gain.

People just don’t realize how high your testosterone levels need to increase to have improved muscle building.

I have used Ashwagandha (Carlson’s KSM-66 – 300-900mg/day) on and off for a few years. This dose kind of aligns with what other users recommend). (Source)

It nearly eliminates my social anxiety but if you overdo it when you are not in stressed out situations (i.e. on vacation) it will result in anhedonia which sucks. It is best used on an as needed basis a few weeks on, a few weeks off.

As for testosterone, I have never had high levels of natural testosterone so I can feel the difference in energy and confidence when I take ksm-66. I have less of an issue approaching conversation with clients/strangers etc and more overall confidence.

As for muscle building effects, pretty hard to tell cause I’m always experimenting with modifications to training and diet but it certainly doesn’t hinder it. It is also not very expensive to supplement with. I order through iherb and live in Canada. Probs even cheaper in the states.

Just personal experience. I started taking Ashwagandha this week. I felt a higher sex drive and more energy. I’ve read about the interaction with testosterone, so it might be placebo.

Stumbled upon this dope read on LinkedIn, they did good comparison. As a fitness junkie and natural supplement nerd, this article was pretty eye-opening, but I’ve got some extra thoughts to throw in the mix.

🌿 Deep Dive into Ashwagandha

First up, big props to the article for going deep into Ashwagandha’s history and science creds. This isn’t just about getting swole and boosting T-levels. This ancient herb’s been rocking it in Ayurveda for 2,500+ years, known for slashing stress and upping brain game. The rundown on different supplements for stuff like T-boosting, chilling out cortisol, and getting max absorption is super clutch for anyone wanting to bring Ashwagandha into their wellness vibe.

🤔 Where It Could Level Up

But, here’s where I reckon the article falls a bit short. The piece could’ve gone harder on critiquing the studies it drops. Sure, Ashwagandha’s got potential, but remember, supplements hit everyone differently. I was left wanting more on the flip side – like side effects or times when Ashwagandha might not be the MVP. Everyone’s health and fitness journey is their own, and one size doesn’t fit all.

💡 My Two Cents

From my own grind, Ashwagandha can be a total game-changer, but it’s key to see it as part of the bigger health puzzle. Diet, workout, and headspace are all mega players in reaping those supplement benefits. If you’re eyeing Ashwagandha for your lineup, think about how it slots into your overall life and health goals.