SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Have you always wanted to give paddleboarding a try, but aren%u2019t sure  where to begin? The [amazon link=”B072BZ74VK” title=”SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board” /] may be  for you. The search for your first board %u2014 or at least your first  inflatable board %u2014 can be kind of tricky. Choosing a length, thickness,  shape, and additional features can be overwhelming.

The one thing that makes inflatable stand up paddle boards popular  for beginners is the storage advantage that these have over standard  SUPs. Makes its very convenient to travel will as well as most come with  a backpack like back that everything can fit into. 

The price  range of our top 10 vary and although they can get quite expensive, they  are all very durable and will last for quite some time. Some have  single fins or 3 fin options depending on what your type of suping that  you plan to do. 

Fully upgraded, the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board puts  your mind at ease as you row the high seas! Complete with everything  needed to get started, this 5-in-1 paddle board kit is a top choice  among paddling beginners. Also designed to accommodate youth, the entire  family will love the SUP board! CUSHIONED NON-SLIP SOFT TOP %u2013 Developed  for Early Learners, Provides an Anti-Slip Surface for Paddling Finished  with the integration of a cushion top, this 10ft inflatable paddle  board helps prevent inevitable paddling accidents. 

Since it%u2019s  made out of PVC, the blow up paddle board is gentle enough to break your  fall so you don%u2019t hit the water so hard. It%u2019s time to get out & see  what you%u2019ve been missing!  

They happen to the best of us,  so might as well be prepared! BEST PADDLING MANEUVERABILITY: Outfitted  with triple bottom panel fins, steering & handling the stand up  inflatable paddle boards is incredibly easy. Offering exceptional surf  control, you%u2019ll be gliding & skimming the water like a sea creature!  PORTABLE & INFLATABLE SUP BOARD: 100% travel-friendly, [amazon link=”B072BZ74VK” title=”this unique  SUP inflatable paddle board” /] is preferred by those who have a knack for  adventure. 


The complete paddle board is constructed with reinforced engineered  PVC materials. These PVC materials make this board water and corrosion  resistant, as a result the board will not be damaged by any normal  dropping or hitting. 

Reinforced engineered PVC materials along  with 6″ firm thickness give this board a solid rigidity. Because of the  solid rigidity, the board remains stable and balanced during the riding.  The rigid construction especially facilitates the learners and  beginners, as they need better stability and balance than skilled  riders. 

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The board features total 9 D-rings, where 4-D-rings are mounted along  with the bungee cords. Additional 5 D-rings are mounted with two  different parts of the cruiser, 4 rings are placed on the edges of  traction pad, and the other one is placed beside the air valve. 

The  manufacturer used high-quality Halkey-Roberts air valve in this paddle  board. The air valve is placed at the tail end of the board. The valve  always remains closed except the pumping time. 

SereneLife paddle  board features one carrying handle in the middle of the traction pad.  The handle is firmly attached to the board. It is used to carry the  board only in the inflated condition. 

Inflation of  this SereneLife paddle board is very easy. You just have to connect the  manual air pump with the air valve and keep pumping. Stop pumping when  the board becomes fully inflated. 

Deflation is even easier than  inflation. You just need to open the valve and push in a little pin  inside it. Wait for the full deflation. Rolling from the nose end helps  the board to become fully deflated. 

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More details here how to use paddleboards? 

Question-1: Can first timers stand up on this easily? 

Answer: Yes, you can. Though at the beginning it might feel a bit wobbly, by the time you will be all right. 

Question-2: Are all three fins removable? 

Answer: No, only the center fin is removable, other two are fixed. 

Question-3: What is the recommended PSI? 

Answer: The PSI depends on the person's weight, you will get the details in the instruction manual. 

Every  SereneLife paddle board comes with essential gears that include a  paddle, ankle cuff, air pump, backpack, and a repair kit. 

The  paddle is adjustable; you can adjust the height of it as you need. Even,  the paddle is convenient when you ride seating on the board. 

SereneLife board comes with a manual air pump. This 2-way pump is decent and allows for faster inflation. 

The SereneLife offers an ankle cuff with the board. You can stay attached with the board using this cuff. 

To  store all of belongings and travel carrying your board the manufacturer  provide a convenient storage bag. Other than carrying, the bag keeps  all the things arranged inside it. 

Serenelife manufactured this paddle board focusing on the core requirements of a person, who loves paddle-boarding. 

Anyone searching for a very custom sized board, this will be a great performer, durable, and lightweight. 

This  board comes with an affordable price. So, if you really feel the need  of a personal board just get your SereneLife inflatable stand up paddle  board today and hit the water.

User Reviews

Review 1

I've bought a total of 3 inflatable boards of my own over the last 2  years. This is something anyone should be aware of when purchasing a  board. I recommend getting a Bravo compressor pump which are going for  around $100 on Amazon which is $40 cheaper than the one I bought a year  ago.

The dual fins in the back make this a great board for surfing. A leash  definitely comes in handy when out in the ocean because this thing will  float back to shore if you're not holding onto it and a wave crashed  over you.- Very easy to roll/fold up and store. This is probably the  biggest selling point of inflatables. No roof racks needed, takes up  minimal space.- Being inflatable means it's not an issue if you  accidentally bump things or drop it. Have permanently scuffed or dinged  hard boards even from the smallest taps, so this is a nice peace-of-mind  thing with all inflatables. It takes maybe 10 minutes to pump up with  the pump that comes with it.

Non-Slip Deck comes in it's own bag with a pump, paddle and leash.  Regular boards don't come with the leash, you have to buy a rack for  your vehicle and a paddle. You also have to have somewhere to store your  board when not in use. My children, 6 and 7, liked this board because  of the non-slip deck. 

It held at highest @ 360 pounds with no  problems. It's sturdy and not heavy or awkward to carry. It's easy to  deflate and roll up to put back in the bag. It's easy to store. I highly  recommend this board!! 

Review 2

I've used the SUP three times, and along side a hard SUP. I am  very happy with the board. It is plenty stuff enough. I'm 185 lbs and it  does not flex when properly inflated. It is a little less stable than  the hard SUP I tried. I think that is the nature of inflatables because  they are so much lighter (higher CG), but storage is so much easier.Here  are a couple of tips:1. I thought the pressure Gage was broken. It  wasn't, you just have to put a lot more air in than you expect. The fill valve leaked initially. 

Serenelife vs. Other brands : Experts opinion

This post on states some bad points of the Serenelife paddle boards. 

The 10' SereneLife is not as stable as the larger boards we tested.  Though it's rated for 275 pounds, it seems better suited to smaller,  lighter passengers. This is especially true if you're actually trying to  get somewhere. It can accommodate several lightweight passengers if  you're just mucking around in the water. 

Stepping on the  boat feels less stable than our highest scoring boards, like the Isle  Explorer, but its square tail and recreational-style dimensions keep it  reasonably well-balanced. Once you get your sea legs and gain some  momentum, the platform feels more secure. The long center fin helps the  board track and also provides a bit of added stability in the water.  It's a reasonably steady board for beginners, but it's not the most  forgiving teacher out there. 

The SereneLife isn't our  first choice for a yoga board or rough water unless you're pretty small,  have fantastic balance, or are just not that concerned about getting  wet. 

Glide Performance A medium size SUP, the SereneLife offers  all-around performance at a variety of tasks. It's not built for speed.  Generally speaking, longer boards are faster boards. This one is among  the shortest we've tested. 

Here the tail shape works against you.  Squaring the tail aids stability but shortens the craft, which  ultimately slows it. The rounded nose and flat bottom also translate to  casual recreation. 

Once you gain momentum and are paddling  steadily, the sense of headway is pleasant enough. You're not fighting  to push a barge through the water, but if you stop paddling for a  moment, you'll lose your flow. 

To get the most glide out of the  SereneLife remember to buy a new paddle. While some of the higher end  packages include a paddle that works well enough to get you through a  few mellow seasons of use, this isn't one of them. The paddle that came  with our board has a cockeyed blade and slices sideways through the  water %u2014 not comfortable or efficient. 

The center handle makes it  easy to haul this fairly light board around when it's inflated.  Unfortunately, the lack of handles in the front and back meant that you  can't share the task with anyone (a handy option for kids) and that it's  tricky to grab the craft to haul it in or out of the water. 

When  you're ready to pack up and head home, things work better. The board  itself has a lower quality plastic feel than the pricier options, but  that doesn't impact how tightly it rolls. It's not a sinch %u2014 you have to  concentrate on getting a tight wrap from the beginning. But, that's  just standard boat rolling stuff. 

Like many modern kits,  the whole shebang packs into a single backpack for easy portage. We're  talking board, paddle, pump, lease and repair kit. As such, it's pretty  easy to cart around. An included strap holds your fold together to help  you wrestle it back into the pack. 

The pack itself is  functional and reasonably durable, but it offers less structural support  than the one included with the much more expensive Isle Explorer. The  Explorer pack has burlier zippers and provides a back pad that the  SereneLife lacks. If we were hoofing it for any distance, we'd certainly  prefer the fancier pack. It's more luxury than necessity though. 

The  storage bungee is flimsier, and the storage bag is less  rough-and-tumble than higher-end offerings. And we're not inspired by  the cheap feeling, and smelling, plastic. But the real durability  concern is the lack of handles fore and aft on the boat. 

Yes, the  center handle allows adults to carry it off the ground, but that can be  a lot to ask of a kiddo. It also means that it's hard to keep your feet  dry when hauling the boat into or out of the water, like when you're  helping said kiddo out of the drink. As a result, you're more likely to  drag the board across parking lots, rocks and brush. That could wear  through the not-so-durable feeling plastic in a hurry. 

The  pump included with the SereneLife is sturdy and connects securely to  the board's value. All-in-all, it works very well. Compared to the  larger volume Isle Explorer the SereneLife felt like a breeze to  inflate. While pumping up a SUP by hand is never an overly exciting  prospect %u2014 use your legs and body weight, keep your arms as straight as  you can, and you'll be ready to go in no time. 


The  [amazon link=”B072BZ74VK” title=”SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board” /] is a solid option for younger families who care less about  performance and just want to slash around by the shore. It works best  for smaller bodies, and the price makes it easier to watch a gaggle of  distracted kids scrape it across the pavement. Again, bow and stern  handles would help.) It's also a reasonable option for a welterweight  budget-minded buyer who isn't ready to commit to a pricier, higher  performing option. This flatbottom boat is suited to flatwater, not so  much for river running. 

Offering up the complete package  for half the cost, the SereneLife's value is its best feature. Its  questionable durability can be extended by caring it by the center  handle and keeping it off the rocks. If you do this, the board should  escort you through many seasons of splashy fun. 

It doesn't stack  up to the best boards we tested, but the SereneLife gets the job done.  We love that it offers a more affordable way for folks to experience the  joy of gliding across glassy pools on blazing hot summer days.