Phen375 Review : Is it the best herbal phentermine alternative diet pill?

Phen375 is a weight-loss pill which works on three levels. To begin with, it functions as an appetite suppressant. Next, it raises your metabolism so you use more energy and get rid of fat reserves. And finally, Phen375 helps your body break down fats. The way that Phen375 work is with its combination of 5 potent ingredients.

If you are interested in weight loss and have not been hiding under a rock for quite some time, you must have heard about Phen375.

To examine the notion if this pill is the best fat loss supplement, here is a detailed review that analyzes the ingredients, side effects, cost, and user reviews.

Does Phen375 work as herbal Phentermine, Reductil – confused about all those weight loss pills ??

When you browse on the Internet, you will find out that there are actually limited resources that explain how the weight loss products available in the market actually work. There is simply very little information except the need to buy the products. Here, though it is our objective to save both your money and your time and put facts straight.

Choosing the Right Weight Loss Pill

There are steps to follow in choosing the best diet pills. The first step is that you have to understand how these pills can be instrumental in losing weight. And what are the factors that are keeping you fat.

Primarily, weight loss pills work in two ways: they either increase the energy outflow or the amount of calories burned, or they work to suppress the appetite so that the amount of food consumed is lessened. Diet pills that usually work for a lot of people fit under either of these categories.

A third category is present though of weight loss pills that lessen the amount of calories that are absorbed in the digestion process. Usually though, they offer nasty bad side effects like oily stools etc. so this category isn’t recommended.

Increasing the Amount of Calories Burned

Weight loss pills that increase energy expenditure are generally known as “thermogenic fat burners”. The body uses the calories in food as fuel, which are taken to provide the body with the essential energy required to do work.

Thermo genesis is a process that burns up calories and the converts them to heat as a person does work. In order to properly maintain normal body functions such as breathing – regular calories or fuel supply is required.

To effectively lose weight, it is important that a person increases the amount of calories being burned at a daily basis. This increase in burned calories used to be only possible through exercises. But the advancement of technology and science has made it possible for the development of certain drugs that allow the body burn more amounts of calories while performing regular functions every day.

With the use of these drugs, it is now possible for people to lose weight without exercise. Basically, these products work by boosting the body’s fuel needs, preferably to a level where there are more calories needed than what someone gets from food. During this process, the body starts in breaking down its stored fat as fuel. When these stored fats are used, people will lose weight.

With that said weight loss pills can be viewed to offer big advantages when it comes to losing weight but despite these advantages there are several draw backs in taking these pills. A drawback comes in the form of the increase in rate of several body processes – up to a certain degree that makes it risky.

For example, you may suffer from higher blood pressure and increased heart rate, both condition can eventually lead to heart problems. Insomnia and nervousness are additional side effects.

The diet pills developed to increase the number of calories burned usually contain one or more of these ingredients: ephedrine, caffeine, phenylpropanolamine (PPA) etc.

In the USA, ephedra (ephedrine) and PPA have been taken out from the market as they have been found out to produce dangerous side effects, like stroke and heart attack.

Editor’s note:

Overall, Phen375 is a much safer thermogenic fat burner which works similar to ephedra and does not have any side effects. In fact, it’s kind of Ephedra and Phentermine combined in one product.

Phen375 kind of integrates everything that made Phentermine a very effective product for weight loss, and it has ideally gotten rid of the negative side effects that have been associated with the previously popular diet pills.

Appetite Suppression

There are also weight loss pills developed to suppress the appetite and these are commonly called as the “appetite suppressants”.

It is a fact that the brain is the part of the body that controls the feelings of “appetite (hunger)” or of “being full”. Neurotransmitters or the brain’ chemical messengers, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, inform the brain about the stomach feeling full.

In order to control the appetite, there should be an increase in the amount of these neurotransmitters in the body. This is the way appetite suppressants pills work.

They have the capacity to increase the neurotransmitters levels in order to decrease the appetite, which results in less amount of food consumed. When there is less food consumption, there is also loss in calories intake.

The neurotransmitters have other significant responsibilities for the body than just dictating hunger or fullness. For instance, norepinephrine helps in controlling blood pressure as well.

These drugs, though effective in suppressing appetite, can also interfere with bodily processes and offer nasty side effects. Increase in norepinephrine will surely decrease the appetite, but this also increases blood pressure.

Other side effects are constipation, insomnia and dry mouth.

Examples of weight loss pills affecting the neurotransmitters are phentermine (Duromine) and sibutramine (Meridia).

Phentermine increases the norepinephrine and Sibutramine increases both Serotonin and norepinephrine.

One of the most effective suppressants of appetite is Phentermine but it produces some negative side effects.

But since not everyone can get hold of phentermine without a prescription, and not everyone can tolerate the nasty side effects involved, the popularity of herbal supplements like Phen375 shot up dramatically.

Many favorable reviews can be read and regularly appear on several eCommerce websites and review portals.

In our opinion, the Phen375 product has lots of positive user reviews and their share has been more than the negative ones.

Phen375: Is it the real deal or a SCAM?

In modern times, whether it being a guy or a girl, getting a perfect body form has become a common occurrence as individuals are willing to spend millions just to get the form they want.

So, how do you know if you are getting an effective weight loss pill.

Important guidelines while picking a diet pill :-

These notes should be considered when you are trying to choose the right diet pills for you:

1). Weight loss pills that contain more mechanisms to make you lose weight are a more effective option.

Usually being overweight is a result of more than one factor, thus it is important to use a diet pill that targets different fat generating factors. It’s imperative to realize that a multi-ingredient drug with more than one weight loss mechanism is the one that is more effective.

We recommend Herbal Phentermine or Phen375 that works as an “appetite suppressant” very similar to Phentermine but at the same time also works as “thermogenic fat burner”.

The first three ingredients in Phen375 (Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, Trimethylxanthine, and a Sympathomimetic Amine) work by enhancing the natural chemical messenger AMP in your body. AMP is vital for many functions including regulating sugar and fat metabolism as well as creating a “full feeling.” The ingredient Tongkat ALI is a herb from Malaysia and helps to suppress appetite by enhancing dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters. Lastly, Phen375 contains Capsaicin, or chili pepper extract. This will assist in increasing the speed of metabolism and break down fats.

Overall, its ingredients make it an effective weight loss product – it’s like Ephedra and Phentermine in one and with all side effects of these two powerful diet pills being done away with!

Check out what others have to say about Phen375.

2). It is important to always consider that there are side effects.

When taking a diet pill, you should be aware that there is a need to watch out for any negative side effect. It is important to know that there are available pills in the market that may not be too safe to use. Not all products have gone through thorough clinical testing and some actually contain a few harmful ingredients.

3). Hyped ingredients compared to Effective ingredients or products

There are several hyped components being advertised aggressively in the market like hoodia, acai, raspberry ketones etc. Although they are safe, they may not be effective for everyone.

The truth about many hyped products including those showcased on Dr. Oz is that although these natural supplements are slightly effective in losing weight but once a supplement becomes popular on shows like Dr. OZ several overnight companies shoot up overnight to bank on the popularity of these supplements.

These companies produce products that contain very nominal amount of these advertised ingredients and thus might not be really effective in providing the weight loss results.

For example, ingredients like acai, garcinia cambogia and hoodia, acai may have been proven to be effective, but as soon as they had been advertised, many manufacturers are going to abuse that popularity and they will start to produce their own products overnight.

This is a scenario that is very true with hoodia and acai. There are now a lot of products available in the market that are said to be based on hoodia, acai, glucomannan, raspberry ketones etc. but they actually do not work as they should because most of the products sold online might not even contain enough quantity of these ingredients.

4). Do not try the free trial pills offers being offered. It is simply not advisable to try or take “free trial” products unless you are quite sure of its safety. Most free trial offers want you to take on a recurring membership after few days and they charge your CC after few days.

5). Search for ingredients that are clinically proven. The producers must be able to mention clinical studies or it should be possible for you to read about them on reliable websites like PubMed. It would even be better if you can look for the list of patented ingredients if any.

6). Look for a list of full ingredients in the diet product you’re buying.

Since Phen375 is made in an FDA approved facility, this is considered safe and is thus available to purchase from health businesses all over the world, including leading businesses such as Amazon.

PhenQ is another product with similar ingredients and is getting popular recently.

It’s made in the US, and it is recommended that if you are contemplating buying this, you purchase it from a valid web site, so you know what you are getting.

Supported by science, trial evaluations and reviews from folks who’ve really used it, the nutritional supplement is looking to be the real deal.

The Reasons Why You are Fat and how Phen375 can help?

Being fat is usually not a result of a single factor. There are actually a number of factors that might be involved in making you fat. These reasons should be examined thoroughly.

1) Overeating

This is probably the number reason why people are overweight. Bad eating habits that have not been corrected through the years can lead to worse habits that could include; compulsive overeating, binge eating and the failure to resist eating reward foods.

Obviously, “appetite suppressants” do work best in such case. They suppress the appetite by letting the body system think that it is already full and there is no need for any more food. This process provides dramatic result in reduced calories intake. Phentermine is usually a popular prescription based drug that suppresses the appetite and Phen375 happens to be the result of long term research that made it globally one of the best selling diet pills.

Phen375 has all the ingredients that allow Phentermine to be so effective at losing weight, and it has gotten rid of the negative side effects that have been associated with the previous diet drugs.

The best thing about Phen375 is though that it can work effectively as appetite suppressant and as fat burner and can be purchased online without prescription.

There are of course other appetite suppressants available in the market today that can be as effective as Phen375. Some though can be bought with prescription only, though there are also a few that can be purchased over the counter.

2) Metabolism issues

Another common reason why people tend to be overweight is the slow rate of their metabolism levels. In this case, even if a person restricts the diet or lessens his/her food intake, they still gain weight. It is like literally putting on all they consume.

Let’s talk about metabolism. It is that bodily process that converts what you consume into energy. It is a complex biochemical process wherein the calories in beverage and food are incorporated with oxygen in order to release the energy that the body needs for it to function effectively. Even when the body is resting, it still requires sufficient amount of energy to aid its hidden functions (breathing, growing, cells repair, blood circulation, and hormone level adjustments).

Higher metabolism rate simply means that more food gets to be metabolized or converted into energy and less stored fat will be left in the body.

It is important to know that it is also feasible to burn more amounts of calories through aerobic exercises, daily physical activities and getting into strength training. It is also important to burn off calories as you take fat burners.

If you have metabolism issues, Phentermine can help you because it does help increase metabolism, and Phen375 does too. So, Phen375 is recommended in this case as well.

3). Inactive Lifestyle

Being inactive is a common reason why there is a big tendency for a person to be obese or overweight. It is important to move and perform physical activities but more often than not, sedentary lifestyle causes a lot of issues including, lack of motivation to work, chronic fatigue and lack of sufficient energy.

The following are the ingredients in Phen375 that are proven helpful in increasing energy levels:

Calcium Carbonate – this is an ingredient that corrects the supply of low calcium levels in the body.

Chromium Picolinate – this ingredient helps in increasing energy levels and helps in keeping food cravings minimal

L-Carnitine – this is an Amino Acid that works by helping in the transportation of fatty acids throughout the body.

Citrus Aurantium – this ingredient has Synephrine, which works similarly as a stimulant that boosts metabolism, energy levels and in burning fat.

1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine) – this is a natural stimulant that burns more fats and calories. Unlike other diet pills, Phen375 has no huge caffeine quantities, so it is safe to use.

Cayenne (Capsicum) – this is a natural ingredient that burns fat by working through the thermogenesis process. This works effectively just as the internal body temperature goes high which may eventually lead to an increased metabolic rate.

Other factors behind your overweight may be colon and body toxins, genetics, aging and hormonal issues etc.

If you’re looking for an effective weight loss pill, as we said earlier, go for one that has multiple mechanisms of weight loss, that’s why we recommend Phen375 that works on 3 levels.

The good point: ingredients and few tips

The good thing about the product, however, is the quality and diversity of ingredients. Phen 375 comes with a carefully chosen variety of ingredients to create an excellent weight loss formula capable of generating the desired results much faster than other conventional products available on the marketplace.

The fundamental notion behind the formula is that the product uses the very same principles of the now forbidden Phentermine formula, but without the same dangers or hazards, and using only FDA-approved ingredients.

Phen375 is advertised as a powerful, 100% natural weight loss product; its ingredients have been clinically proven to burn fat and suppress appetite.

Tongkat Ali is a powerful norepinephrine influencer. This ingredient functions when synched up with the other metabolism boosting ingredients like capsaicin and caffeine anhydrous, resulting in a steady and steady speed of energy and much burning.

The ingestion of these pills supplies your body with essential vitamins and minerals and kicks off the every time hunger sensation, so that you will not have food often.

L. Carnitine is also included in this and its function is to break down the fat chains found in the collected fats around the body.

Since it uses stored body fats into energy a surprising upsurge of increased amount is noticeable. Only by reducing the quantity of food you eat, and enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat you’ll find consequences. With Phen375 you can intend to lose from 12- 20 pounds a month in the first month.

If not intending to prevent junk food or at least fall it is sum per month, you will get fat again after quitting the pill.

Yes part of it was also a custom, not constantly because I was starving, but that is where this “appetite suppressant” help to understand the concept of fasting versus being famished.

There have been many reviews written online and if there is one thing that is common among all these testimonials, it’s the fact that the product “assists you” in helping you lose weight.

While there are other diet drugs on the market that assure quick and powerful weight loss, just one combines all of the thermogenic properties that make this product so successful.

As a general rule, you should take the tablets about 20 minutes prior to have your meal and you should always take the Phen375 pill with a full glass of water.


Phen375 Real User Review

I’ve been using phen375 for two weeks and I’ve had no side affects at all, just been going for walks in the morning and running as an evening. My appetite has been suppressed so well I’m amazed because in a usual day i would eat four pizzas, a kg of chicken and still my normal brekky, lunch and dinner and I’m not even hungry. I’ve always maintained to be 65 to 70kg and 155cm tall, I’ve finally decided it’s time for a change. I’ve dropped 6kg in the since I’ve started on it and I couldn’t be happier.

Bottom line is Phen375 is the ONLY diet pill that works and works for more than the first week … sadly it is also insanely expensive but if you take advantage of the lack of hunger and change your diet it will be totally worth it

Used this for one week, feel ok on it – do feel slimmer – definitely more bowel movements tho which might become a problem but will wait and see. But so far so good.

Hi I’m Christina and I have been taking Phen 375 for two days so far. The first day I only took one pill to make sure it didn’t affect me too strongly. I slept fine and definitely felt an energy boost and some euphoria. I noticed the appetite suppressant for sure! I had a mini flame broiler bowl yesterday and couldn’t finish it. Today I bought two Carne Asada street tacos and could only eat one. I ate the other one several hours later. I feel a bit tingly after taking it. I’m not certain what that side effect means. It does make me use the restroom more often as well. I’m satisfied so far.

I have been taking Phen 375 for about 3 weeks now. I dont feel any different. My appetite hasnt changed one bit. It doesnt give me any energy at all. I wish I had better reviews for this product but I feel like Im taking nothing at all. The only thing I did notice was some dizziness within the following hour of taking it. Waste of money so far :-/ I miss the old oxy elite pro with DMAA in it. It was amazing!!

Side effects of Phen375

Folks have said that they’ve endured from certain side effects like dizziness, increased blood pressure levels, an increase in heart rate and sleep difficulties, so if you’re presently on drugs, particularly for high blood pressure, seek advise from your physician before taking this drug.

Some individuals, such as those suffering with high blood pressure, any type of cancer or heart disease, are counseled to stay away from Phen375.

The bad points

Although the ingredients of Phen375 create a strong and synergized nutritional supplement, and there’s no doubt that you’re going to get certain consequences. However, obesity is a complex phenomenon and there are several hormonal factors involved that make you gain fat.

Everyone is different and so, this product will not work for some people. That’s a given!

If you’ve been having lousy results from any weight loss programs or nutritional supplements, then this pill might not be for you.

Besides, the product has been widely promoted by affiliate marketers via unethical promotional methods like fake reviews.

Even reputable ecommerce shops like Amazon, Walmart and GNC can be fooled by the dishonest reviews and made to take unknown compounds with the brand name plastered on.

Nevertheless, whether you’re a beginner to diet supplements or have attempted a product that did not operate, you should give Phen375 a try.


Although the terrible news for many of those interested in learning about this unique formula is that it may not be the magic pill you are looking for, there are lots of fascinating details you may need to understand before either contemplating or marking it down.

“Phen375’s official web site says that you’ll turn into (thanks to the merchandise) a 24 hour fat burning machine!”

And that this pill will help you become more slender easily by raising your metabolism, enabling your body to burn fat faster and it works to check your hunger so that you can restrain those irresistible chocolate cravings and you can use up fewer calories thereby losing weight safely, simpler and much faster than without Phen375.

In the end, all that matters is that Phen375 worked for quite a number of people and we’re convinced it can work for you as well.

The claim that exercise does not have to be performed is frankly unbelievable, while all of the user reviews indicate that the product does just what it advertises: strong suppression of appetite and boosting of metabolism.

The use of dietary supplements to help weight loss is common in today’s society, but with no deficit of nutritional supplements to choose from, it is Phen375 that’s flying off the shelves. And the company behind the product is confident enough in their fat burner that they’re offering a complete money back guarantee if no weight is lost in 30 days.

That is a strong point in company’s favor.

Always remember, do not purchase these diet pills from everywhere on the web other than this web site: official web site. This is the only spot you can purchase the authentic phen375 diet pills.

Overall Phen375 is definitely among the most powerful legal fat burning, appetite suppressants and weight reducing products in the marketplace now. It is quite popular as demonstrated by many favorable reviews making it the perfect contender of and herbal alternative to king of all weight loss pills, phentermine.