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Always Young Renewal HGH is designed to accelerate the innate capabilities of homeopathic HGH by blending a totally unique combination of nutraceuticals. HGH has been hailed as the ultimate in anti-aging, shown in studies to increase energy, strength, stamina, reduce fat, build lean muscle, improve memory, sleep and sexual function, heighten mood, re-hydrate skin, improve digestion, re-color hair, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and much, much more.

Always Young has made HGH sprays for sixteen years. The long-term benefits to our customers in many cases have been very close to that of the injectable form.

Renewal is an original homeopathic line of HGH (growth hormone) and IGF-1 (somatomedin C) products. They are produced in an FDA certified laboratory under the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Activated and energized according to homeopathic principles, Renewal products are uniquely designed to be fully dynamic and bio-active in the body.

Each product is hand succussed (potentized) to help guarantee maximum absorption by the body and to ensure the highest level of bio-activity.


Always Young – Renewal HGH Ingredients include –

  • Pituitary gland
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor One (Somatomedin C)
  • Elk velvet antler
  • Testosterone
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Trans-Ferulic Acid
  • Amino Acids

Renewal is made with the purest pharmaceutical quality HGH and IGF-1. These ingredients are derived from natural, non-animal elements and are exact replicas of the human growth hormone and somatomedin C that is produced by the human body.

Other Important Information

The results described by our customers are not unique. The myriad benefits of HGH sprays have been clearly demonstrated throughout the world. Their potential can be life-changing when you use them.

When taking the product consistently, as recommended, the average time to begin noticing results is two to three weeks. Some will start to experience benefits sooner, while for some it can be significantly longer. People have said they began experiencing more energy, better sleep, and even more strength, within the first few days. Conversely, others have said it took six to eight weeks before experiencing noticeable results.

There are many variables that affect this: such as overall health of the body, health of the endocrine system, age, stress levels, supportive quality of one%u2019s thoughts, and the body%u2019s current ability to produce and release growth hormone.

User Reviews

Review 1

I am an Emergency Medicine Physician practicing in Tennessee. I started on the Advanced HGH the end of June 2002. Since then my sleep has been better than I can ever remember. No more arthritis meds for knee and back pain.

Strength, endurance and clarity of thought has been amazing since I began the Always Young Advanced HGH. I do less snacking and seeking caffeine.

Review 2

The natural color has returned to my hair. I also have noticed some new hair has grown back and is more lustrous and young looking. Still have some gray hair in the beard but it is slowly disappearing.

I also could say that my yoga and exercise sessions bring me more flexibility and muscles than before. And of course, I have more energy to do them in the morning. Another result is that I sleep better. I always wake up full of energy and in a good mood, no more depressed mornings or sluggish days.

Thank you for the good product!!

Review 3

I have been using Renewal HGH Advanced for only 6 weeks and I am amazed at the results.

So far I%u2019ve seen my hair thicken with less gray growing in. My nails are somewhat stronger. I feel more alive and have an overall sense of well being. I respond to events at a deeper level. Have a heightened awareness & greater appreciation of whatever I experience. I smile more and find a new spring in my step.

I%u2019m sixty-nine years old and my complexion has a glow I haven%u2019t seen in years.

Renewal HGH is incredible. I love this product and can%u2019t imagine anyone not benefiting from its use.

Review 4

Dear Always Young, your products have brought me to life again. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome about 15 years ago. The fatigue was so bad at times I struggled to hold my head up. I suppose the best way to describe it would be a weakness in the core of my being. Since being on the Power for Women I am able to go through my day with energy…much more energy … no more afternoon slumps and my muscles are beginning to tone up…which I love! Also I was losing a lot of hair, that has stopped and I now have new hair growth.

My husband is also taking the Advanced Renewal. He has an extremely bad nail which has very deep ridges. After one month on the HGH the nail is growing in perfect no ridges….I Praise God for HGH!

Thank you for your products!

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Safety
  • User Reviews


Real homeopathic HGH based spray with growth factors from Pituitaria Glandula & Colostrum. Although the formula looks good on paper, there is, there is a lot of controversy regarding the functioning of “hgh sprays” and “homeopathic HGH”, for example the dilution process. However, there are some people who swear by homeopathic HGH products and the results they bring. Needless to say, the product has lots of mixed reviews. You might be interested in reading our list of top rated homeopathic HGH products and why they are controversial. Also, read more on our all top rated HGH products.


  • Contains real growth factors, although diluted to the extreme (because of how the homeopathic products have to be)
  • Has been in the market for long
  • Inexpensively priced


  • Homeopathic products come with a lot of caveats. Read more.
  • Very mixed user reviews
  • If you’re looking specifically for homeopathic products, there are better products out there. Read more.
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